About CYT Shows

CYT shows are appropriate for the entire family and are an excellent way to introduce children to the arts! CYT produces one Broadway-style musical each session. Enrollment in CYT classes provides students (ages 8-18) the opportunity to audition for a current production. Students not cast in the show are encouraged to participate in other ways. Depending on age and ability, students (and siblings) can participate on the backstage crew, technical team, or the costume and makeup committees.

Current Events:

Crestview Church of Christ
7129 Delhi, TX 76712
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Fall 2018

Coming Soon!

November 15th-18th
Lee Lockwood Library and Museum


Winter 2019

Coming Soon!

February 28th - March 3rd
Lee Lockwood Library and Museum

Spring 2019

Coming Soon!

May 23rd-26th
Lee Lockwood Library and Museum
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"The unexpected bonus as a parent is watching impromptu worship break out while the kids are taking five. These moments are not lost on these kids and songs of praise are often mixed in with rehearsing their show pieces.
It's beautiful."

CYT Waco Parent


Students enrolled in CYT classes are invited to audition for CYT's current production. Auditions typically consist of a one-minute cut of a song and a short memorized monologue performed for the Artistic Team. The audition process may also include a “callback” in which a student may be asked to read or sing for a specific character.  Auditions are a wonderful way for students to gain self-confidence and to show the best of their talents!

Parent Committees

Parents are the backbone of CYT!  Without them, CYT would not be the family-oriented organization that it is. 

At least one parent of each student cast in the production is required to serve on a CYT Parent Committee. Options include, but are not limited to: costumes, refreshments, props, greenroom, backstage, public relations, sets, docents, technical, make-up, programs, and house management.

Past Shows and Awards

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